Grant Ackerman
10602 1st AVE SW Seattle, WA 98146     Cell: (425)243-7162
Information Technology Related
· Problem Solving  · Customer Service & Quality Assurance · C/C++, .NET Programming & Debugging · Understand & Debug Existing Code · Microsoft Windows Fundamentals & Programming
Automated Scripts Writing & Debugging · JavaScript, VBScript, Perl Script or Windows Batch · Windows Interface Guidelines · Great Communication Skills
Work Independently · Networking Protocols (TCP/IP), Hardware, Debugging, & Operating Systems · SQL Knowledge for Setup & Debugging · Online Services Functional Testing · Stress/Load & Security Testing
Setup & Debugging of IIS & Apache · Setup & Debugging of Cisco Infrastructures · Preventative Maintenance & Install for all OS & Hardware Configurations
Provide Remote Support VPN, SSH, Console or RDP · Writing & Debugging HTML, PHP, & CSS · Setup & Deploy Windows (all), Linux (all) & Unix .MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, Access)

Production Related
· Very Strong Organizational & Writing Skills · MRP Manufacturing Experience · Design & Test RF, Imaging & Computer Products · Familiarity with High Volume Electronics Production Test Methods
A Strong Team Player · Experienced in ISO9001 Environments · Microscope, SMT & Through Hole Soldering with IPC certification · Quality Standard Inspection for all Components
Production Line Quality Control Inspection · SMT Operation, Setup & Debugging · Experienced with Oscilloscope, Multimeter & Frequency Meter for Troubleshooting
Component Testing with Genrad/HP 3070 or Newer · Functional Testbed Setup & Debugging · BGA, SMT Debugging & Replacement · Experienced with X-Ray for Troubleshooting of Boards & BGA's
Writing & Reading of Engineering Schematics · Wave Operation & Setup · Product Failure Analysis · Component Troubleshooting & Repair
Experienced Spectrum Analysis .Environmental Product Testing & Analysis · Experienced in Cleanroom Environments · Experienced in Wafer Fab Operator · Work Independently · Great Communication Skills

AVTech, Seattle, WA June 2011 - December 2011
Product Specialist
Description: Responsible for organizing, coordinating, and finishing activities for the maintenance of profitable production associated to Quality Assurance. Also maintain quality control program, product development, and ensuring compliance with performance standards.

Assignments: Maintained 4 products from start to finish, responsible for all fuctonal testing of products for photo topics to burnin. Helped maintain 4 teams product failers to quiality. If there where any failers it was to be diganoced down to componet level if nessisery to repair unit.

· Communicated with purchasing subdivision and exterior vendors to source apparatus and assemblies
· Carried out process audits for contract manufacturers to check out quality and stability of manufactured product
· Developed and carried out engineering alteration order for presented actions
Hewlett Packard, Greeley, CO April 2006 - January 2011
Electrical Engineer
Description: Provided consulting & engineering for digital imaging, prototype building of products, and follow-through project management. Products can vary from digital cameras to government satellite contracts.

Assignments: Prepared specifications for imaging equipment to be used by consumers worldwide. Supervised, directed, and monitored the output of 6 prototype testers. Setup servers Windows and Linux for testing team and manufactures, also setup and deploy websites & SQL databases for manufacturing & testing team. Helped in the development & testing of cross platform drivers & firmware for prototype products. Setup of Functional & Component testing as well as pick&place line manufacturing in our test product runs for setup & run instructions to be sent to manufactures. Unix & Windows automation script writing & debugging for testing proposes on the production lines. Aided and wrote guidelines for SMT, wave, Genrad/HP 3070 & newer, Setup specs, software & servers for functional testbeds in production lines.

· Met or exceeded company expectations
· Always ahead of product release deadlines
· Produced the least amount of product returns nationally
Celestica, Fort Collins, CO August 1999 - March 2006
Lead Technician
Description: Overseer of a 13 line production environment of all technical aspects, products can vary from computer motherboards to mobile electronics. Read and determine the best and most efficient setup from engineering schematics and setup guidelines.

Assignments: Test, setup & debug products being ran in a production line environment. Overseen all aspects of product failures from anywhere on the line from a bad batch of components to the SMT machines. Was responsible for failure ques to determine if a stop on a line was needed from bad runs or components, if a stop was not needed was responsible for debugging and repairing failed product. Repairing and debugging BGA, SMT to microscope soldering with use of all scopes, x-ray and meters needed to get failed products ready for functional testing and shipping.

· Applied principles & theories of electronics
· Correlated electronic & electrical testing, & repair
· Practiced electrical circuitry & engineering mathematics