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kckilla we have anew web page. clear your cache and search for vnvclan.com again
need help on servers pls
spin you on ts? pls
Its fun as hell but its not an every day thing!
for those who have vietnam pack do you like it? is it worth the few dollars for it??
Noob Conquest is down just so you guys know
Loving the accidental pun there Spin... Because you are making a plane and shit isnt going to plane.:D
Arg its to early to sleepy, i am going to work fast if i finish i will get out early! I got most done yesterday so not much to do today unless shit don't work to plane.
need help on noob pls guys
welcome ghost!
Just know next time you fly you might have the flaps control system that i am building this week.
If you guys where wondering here is where is kicking my ass with hours. http://www.avtcorp.com/ Mostly costume shit for Boeing. But have messed with setting up some old ass shit to upgrade some old planes. So wonderful to be an engineer for smaller company's cause they really need you.
Welcome new member GhostMachina!
Good luck i know how much you are looking forward to it all!!
Hello everyone how are yall doing. I just wanted to let yall know I am still alive. I am currently in my CPT's Career course and dont have much time right now. This course will run until about dec. I will be on when i can!!
aahh kk didnt know we had one. my bad.
check the ts forum
whats the new ts ip?
Good man spin my ping show great improvement normally 300 now it's 200
So you guys on the west coast how is San Jose Running i have been dieing to play on it but i am pulling 60 hour weeks and getting up @ 4am every day..
go to game tracker and find out.. They are down for maintenance.
Has something happened to the Game Servers page? I can see the headlines, but it doesn't show me any gametracker banners.
conquest all noob san jose needs the teams shuffled please. very lop sided
i was mad is all he was not hacking or cheating or anything but ill stop sry

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Welcome to [VnV] Gamers new home!!
We are working hard to make the best servers and players out there! [VnV] Gamers is dedicated to the best of the best, we have some of the best game servers ever ran, we also back that up with some of the best players out there. We believe in a strong community, the gaming community is made up of a wide range of people and having a strong backbone will go along way.

Duke Nukem Forever Come Get Some Uncensored Trailer

Every one is banning the video so here it is in all its bliss in HD. From http://gamersloop.com

Author : SpinDry

Posted : Tuesday 10 May 2011 - 10:08:24

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