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Need Ban removal
« on: February 04, 2012, 04:19:14 AM »
Hello, I was playing on the server [VnV] Rush NOOB Friendly--Dallas-- when I was banned by mistake.

It is to my understanding that the servers have an auto-ban feature for getting 12 kills in less then a minute which is what happened when I gunned for a chopper pilot.

A little context may be needed. We flew over the battlefield looking for targets but had to contend with a enemy Frogfoot pilot who we engaged immediately along with our friendly A-10, the moment the Frogfoot was out of action we immediately began engaging ground targets around the gas station, I switched to thermal view and used the cannon to pick off infantry.

The frogfoot pilot was a very good one and his influence over the battlefield had kept our choppers and vehicles from advancing properly which is why we jumped him as soon as we saw him, once his presence was removed a lot of the other team players were exposed on the ground lacking their air support which made them easy targets for my thermal vision and cannons.

I would like the ban to be removed so I can continue to play on that server with friends in the future. Wish the score I accrued from that matched was saved :-(