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Banned from your server
« on: January 03, 2012, 04:59:03 AM »
Hello VnV

I was banned from your BF# server:[VnV] TDM KillHouse NOOB Friendly--Chicago--
on: 2/01/2012 I think
message: Stated reason: Disrespectful

The last time I was on your servers I do not recall ever showing any disrespect to anyone.  In fact, I was silent throughout the whole time I was on your game server.
I am  "Noob" to the whole battlefield experience and I didn't know that there were server rules.
Of course, I accept there is an unspoken rule of civility amongst and between others on yours or anyone elses public servers, but this is why I am so baffled as to why I was banned.

I am not a frequent player on your servers as I am from Australia.
I don't visit your servers very often so that is why I am unsure as to why I was banned.
If it was because of any previous behaviour prior to yesterday then I can't recall any particular instance either.

Any assistance that you can provide in this matter would be much appreciated.
If not however, then thanks in advance for your time and I won't trouble you any further.



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Re: Banned from your server
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2012, 08:11:20 PM »
Hello fellow Aussie. You were banned from the servers because you associate with this foul mouthed fellow Aussie player named F_CKPauline who typed this garbage into the chat box:

F_CKPauline to all
sniper cunt
F_CKPauline to all
lick my raw one

We do not tolerate disrespectful remarks like this on our servers. You should have noticed this message scrolling constantly in the chat box in-game 3 Rules - No Baseraping/Base Camping, No Being an A-Hole to others & No Cheating! People who come to play on our servers do not want crap like this going up in the chat box. Not only is it disrespectful it is offensive. People play on our servers to enjoy  dick and hacker free gaming.

I'm not sure why you do not frequent our servers very often just because you are from Australia. I am from Australia, remote Australia in fact. I don't enjoy a nice low ping, however I put up with it because I can enjoy playing on well Administrated servers, where I know any dickheads, hackers etc will be banned, something you will not find anywhere else. I have been playing on these servers for almost 4 years and beleive me they are the best in the world.

So if you don't mind playing on servers where you can play amongst the shittiest pile of garbage players who are aloud to run riot and clear them, then of you go and enjoy. Ya might want to have a bit of a chat with ya mate Pauline who hasn't come here to dispute his server ban, probably because he knows full well that he/she fucked up, and thank him for your ban.

I have found in the past if I ban one person in a group I have to ban them all otherwise a lot of shit starts and the servers are cleared.

So there it is. That is why you were banned.


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Re: Banned from your server
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2012, 04:44:53 AM »
Hi Veg63

Thanks for looking into my ban and the reason for it.  It's nice to also bump into another Australian.
It's nice to know that I was only banned by association and not for anything that I did personally.
I have never played battlefield games before and I wasn't taking any notice of any chat messages.  I was just honestly trying to play the game and understand it so anything in the chatbox was just ignored, so that was my fault.

Pauline introduced me to online multiplayer games and I must admit it is quite fun.
She does remember typing what you said when I asked her, there is no denying that, however, where on one server it may be acceptable, like you have said, on yours it is not.
So apologies on Pauline's behalf as I can assure you there was no malice or nastiness intended towards you, your clan or anyone else playing the game at the time.
Pauline did however, break your rules.

I know it isn't easy being the administrator to a private server that allows the general public to play on but it is nice to know that as an active admin you do take action as you deem appropriately there and then.
So often there is lack of an admin when there is a hacker present and it just ruins the game and the experience.

Where you state:
"... I have found in the past if I ban one person in a group I have to ban them all otherwise a lot of shit starts and the servers are cleared.

So there it is. That is why you were banned...."
I can only assume my ban is a perma ban along with Pauline.

As it is your clan and your server I can only accept and abide by your decision
I won't trouble you or your clan any further but I do thank you for your time and effort to look into my issue and your timely response as you have.

Goodluck and perhaps I may run into you on another server !   :)