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Ban Dispute
« on: January 01, 2012, 04:20:52 AM »

First time on your clan's server tonight - [VnV] CQ Madness NOOB Friendly--Dallas--.  Really nice ping for me being so close here in MS.

Thing is, I joined up and had a somewhat mediocre round at Kharg Island as it was nearing its end.  Map swaps over to Seine Crossing, and intending to drive a tank I customize out with Auto-loader, Thermal Optics, and Canister Shell.  Of course, I spawn at what I believe is literally the furthest point FROM the tank (as an engy), but proceed to cap points anyway.  Along the way I got around 3-5 kills by following a friendly MAV and our team proceeds to push the other nearly all the way to spawn.  Hiding around a corner after taking some fire, I suddenly found myself staring at the respawn screen.  All good; I got auto'd to the other team.  Quick check of the map I saw that they were letting their tank just rot in spawn, so I hopped to.

Long story short, I went from I believe 6 kills and 2 deaths to around 23-25 kills and 2 deaths as I cleared up an Abrams, some fella in a jeep, and quite a few infantry while my team pushed out.  Most notably, I got about 7 kills off an enemy mobile spawn - and its subsequent squad spawners - which was initially at too low an angle for my tank to destroy (still only took mere seconds to take it out).  I noticed the "your K/D is too high" warnings, but what am I supposed to do?  Take our tank and dump it, get myself killed, and let the enemy push my less than stellar teammates back to spawn?  So yeah, a canister shell or two later = banned.

Anyway, would love to get unbanned (nice server for me).  Still scratching my head over such an automated system that would force a player to throttle their own performance, but I suppose it does keep the server a bit more "noob safe". 

Oh, and game just ended and battlelog shows US beat RU 144-0 so they indeed got wrecked once I got banned.  Battle report is here if interested.