Author Topic: Direct connect shortcut to VNV or other server  (Read 2042 times)

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Direct connect shortcut to VNV or other server
« on: October 24, 2015, 08:25:31 AM »
Some users expressed that they wanted an icon on their desktop that would take them directly to VNV Domination server. This will work with other servers as well all you need is the IP Address and Port from the server info page.

The IP Address I am using in this example is the current IP Address for the VNV Domination 1.7 server
at the time of writing this guide.

""I apologize in advance if this in the wrong forum.""

1: Go to your call of duty directory

2: Find "iw3mp.exe"

3: Right click on "iw3mp.exe" and create a new shortcut

4: Right click on newly created shortcut and go to Properties.

5: On the TARGET line which will look similar to this
    "C:\Program Files\Call of Duty 4\iw3mp.exe"
     After the quotes insert this line +connect
     :::It should look similar to this:::
     "C:\Program Files\Call of Duty 4\iw3mp.exe" +connect

6: Click apply and ok.

7: Drag and drop the newly created and modified shortcut to your desktop or where you like.

8: Run COD4 and enjoy your direct connect to VNV!