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vnv domination
« on: October 18, 2015, 08:59:16 PM »
 >:( To who it may concern: vnv domination has been a favorite game of mine now for over a year now and I have played and talked with alot of good and fair players here-who are now I consider my good friends who I spend alot of time with-just like family! My, our problem is we have been over run with these hacker guys who come in and ruin it for everyone thats playing fair! One of the players comes in and dominates the map always with an RPG I,d tell you his name but he changes it all the time right now he is using my name-which I don,t care but if they vote to kick him I as well would be kicked! This is my all time favorite game and my favorite site I look forward to see some of the players  every day as well-I,am asking for some one to come in and and get these hackers out of here so we can go back to fair gaming again!! Any attention to this matter would greatly be appreciated :) Thank you for your consideration.............Static!