Author Topic: How about "Anything Goes"  (Read 979 times)

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How about "Anything Goes"
« on: October 24, 2013, 11:29:35 AM »
This is just a thought but how about making your MW4 Dedicated server a no rules server? No I have not lost my mind  :). Here is my reasoning. Right now among not cheating i.e. wall hacking,aimbot etc, there is also no throwing three grenades and no grenade launchers. The problem is 25-35 % percent of the people that play on the server are cheating in one way or another. They do it after you ask them not to. As a matter of fact it seems that it only encourages them to do it more when they are aware that you know they are breaking the rules and they can get away with it  :o . What bothers me more is that even some of the regulars that are asking people not to cheat are starting to cheat also. I consider a regular that is in the server every day at least an hour or two. It is beyond frustrating for myself and a handful of others that stop their own play to ask others to stop cheating therefore taking away from our own gaming experience.

It is impossible for MightMouse to catch these people because he is not on all the time, and we don't expect him to be but even when he is on he needs to catch them in the act. Here is a example, we had a player using the grenade launcher while MMouse was playing we told MMouse and he started spectating him but by this time the player knew he was being watched and stopped it, but as soon as MMouse left he  started again. It's like a cat and mouse game (no pun intended)

I guess I'm just frustrated because I don't play on another server like most people do. When I find a home I like to stay there. The last server I was part of Austin Servers (not a clan) I played on for ten years until they shut down  :'( Plus when you see regulars cheating and you ask them why they tell that "everyone does it " and "just stop when MightyMouse gets on" Anyways thanks for letting me vent and I mean no disrespect to your server. Thanks Spin Dry


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Re: How about "Anything Goes"
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2013, 05:52:12 PM »
Anything goes will make it worse, once they realize anything goes it turns into a hack only server then people share there hacks.

On paper allot of things seem good but when dealing with people the only thing that seems to work is a strong arm when it comes to rules.

I know Mighty is light and doesn't think banning someone is always the right thing, but that's why we have a dispute section for people who learned and keep clean from then on.

That seems to be the system that works the best from years of trying everything out there. Yes it pisses people off when they get banned and they talk allot of shit but i really don't care about people like that and don't want them around anyways.

No worries about the venting.  ;)
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